Monday, May 11, 2015

Guest Author - A'Sunnshine

Myiera Nova West isn’t your typical female love never was for her. Instead of going from relationship to relationship she went from situationship to situationship it was less hectic and less drama for her.

Chezem June Hill aka Cannon is a one of a kind type of man. Being feared and respected king pin he’s always been use to women throwing they selves at him and wanting a relationship but that wasn’t for him his style was more like fuck’em and flee’em that was until he met his match in Myiera.

Syrus Naurice Knowles known as Ghost in the streets is a powerful man. Ever since his wife was murdered while away on business his heart has turned cold. Until visiting his brother and being introduced to Myiera. Seeing something different and unique about her he was determined to get to her.

Finally being done with going through the motions with Chezem. Myiera just wanted to be alone and continue on school and following her dreams. However Chezem won’t let her that easy. Follow Myiera as she struggles with her feelings for both the men in life.


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