Thursday, April 30, 2015

Garden Roses

Why I Know

I know what struggle looks like
Raised two boys alone
I know what failure feels like
Lost my business, my house, my power and my voice
I know the emptiness of loneliness and despair
I know how fear can cripple, delude, destroy and malign
I know because that was my story.

I know that path, filled with illusions, is temporary
I know mistakes are merely lessons
I know that without vulnerability there is no truth
Without forgiveness the battle never ceases
Without courage life is limited.

I know because serendipity has no explanation
Soul connections are profound
And the beauty of creation exists inside the realm of the spiritual.

I trust the unspoken guidance
I believe without doubting
I love because my heart is filled with joy.

This is why I know.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Mystic Eyes

I want Mystic eyes
See mysteries ignite the fuel of passion
Experience the beginning in the end
Master reality through one breath
Discover truths unknown.

I want to dream like the Shamans
Jump into the vibration of forever
Speak with ancestors, guides and friends in spirit
Dance along the frequency which nurtures imagination
Plant my feet in sacred ground.

I want the knowledge of the Sages
Hear the thoughts of the silent
Share unspoken messages
Connect with unseen energy
Plunge into consciousness co-creating existence.

To extinguish fear pulsating under a cloak of darkness
To realign damaged threads within our souls
To cultivate currents of wisdom singing timeless verses
To see each moment of the present.


An under-used choice
An over-used assumption
A scary concept with monstrous implications.

An impersonal philosophy
Marring personal tragedies.

Monday, April 27, 2015

There Must Be More

There has to be.
I used to be so very courageous.
One wrong word and I was gone.
What happened?
How did I lose that fuck you mentality?
When did normal become frigging okay?