Sunday, May 3, 2015


Woke up in the middle of the night with questions about creation. Probably because I finally watched Noah earlier in the day.

I mean at some point there was no-thing right? There had to be? So how did every-thing be-come? How did it all start? If everything comes out of nothing where does nothing start? How does nothing become something?

Think about it. Before there was electricity only the sun and fire provided sources of light. Then some courageous soul thought about converting energy into light. The knowledge necessary to make electricity popped into that person's consciousness and after a series of experiments: voila! The same process works for everything: planes, cars, television, eyeglasses, computers...I think you get my point. We call this inspiration or an idea. But where do the answers for the idea originate? What is the source of the inspiration and the answers? And is this source part of the no-thing? Or is there some-thing other than the no-thing which orchestrates all that is and will ever be?

Then there's nature and of course life. How do the organs in our body know what is needed to sustain life independent of each other? How does the heart know to pump and circulate the blood? How does the body know to inhale in order to continue breathing even when you're asleep? How does it know to expel the waste from the food we intake? The cell itself is considered the beginning of life. How did the first single cell originate from the no-thing? How did it know what to do to bring forth life?

So many questions.

Although my childhood was spent in church, almost daily, I am not religious. I consider myself spiritual. Through seeking I have come to understand many mysteries, but this one about creation still remains unanswered.

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