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Past life regression is a very useful and unique technique which adopts the use of hypnosis for people who are curious and bent on discovering their past life. For some people, getting a glimpse of their past life can be so overwhelming that they seek help from the psychologists and other past life regression experts.


Past life regression is very much related to hypnosis since most practitioners conducting the "hypnosis approach" are able to recover an individual's memories of his past life or what is called as the "incarnation". Normally, practitioners and psychologists recommend people to undergo hypnosis and past life regression to pursue a satisfying spiritual experience prepared in a setting that has a psychotherapeutic ambiance. Experts believe that truly, when the hypnotist or the expert doing it sets the mood first, there are greater chances of achieving the desired results. Really, setting the mood is the first basic need to be able to undertake a successful hypnosis session.

While most believers of past life regression and hypnosis strictly hold fast to their beliefs about the logic and principles of reincarnation, there are still some traditional beliefs about past life regression that is limiting. Yes, the traditional people linked their ideology of past life to reincarnation; however, they excluded from the concept of reincarnation that of one's reserved and self-conscious memories in the previous life.


The most popular technique used for conducting past life regression is where the person undergoing it is subjected to respond to a queue of questions while under the power of hypnosis, lying in the couch unconscious of the surroundings, and supplying all relevant information brought about by his memories of the past, as well as all the details of all his significant experiences which have made him become what he is today.


Another technique for past life regression is the one that reveals the true identity as well as all the real events that transpired in people's past lives. This kind of therapy is known to work well. It works by misrepresenting memories of a person and therefore misleading the chronology and validity of past events instead of an assembled block of reminiscences. By merely using the technique of hypnosis and evocative queries, one can actually make the subject have the tendency to cling to imprecise, vague and artificial memories.

This led to more and more serious investigations about different sorts of memories being reported during past life regression, and it was revealed that there are actually times when history can be so inexact and incorrect as they are easily discussed on some books pertaining to the fundamental knowledge of history.

You could also try checking up on the various elements of well-loved and popular culture books which frequently discuss various aspects of a historical event. Conducting experiments with people undertaking a session of past life regression can really be quite an interesting topic. And the farthest that past life regression has gone as of today, is that of demonstrating that a belief or advocacy in reincarnation as well as heeding the advice and suggestions of the person conducting the hypnosis, are indeed two most essential and indispensable aspects of past life regression!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I Hate Moving....

I hate moving especially packing and unpacking...ughhh!

And of course leaving my home of 15 years...another major ughhhh!

My mom proposed moving closer to her and my sister. I really struggled with this decision. Mostly, because I like my privacy and truthfully, my relationship with my mother has been strained for years. Only recently has it begun to blossom into something new and tolerable.

I asked myself the same question I always do when faced with challenging situatio
ns or decisions: does this move me closer to or further away from my goals?

So I moved.

Both of my sons get to be closer to their grandmother and she's been cooking for them every weekend.

They also get to have a relationship with their aunt who has been absent for most of their lives.

And me...well I get to see them smile and enjoy the benefits of close proximity to family. Plus, now I'm closer to the city and will have more time to devote to building my business because everything including public transportation is literally blocks away. Yayyy!!

I also get to rebuild relationships that slipped away because of pride or pain. These are bonds that I miss deep down inside of my soul. Hard to admit, but very very true. I'm still a little leery, but I know that even though forgiveness may be immediate, building trust takes time.

Have you been struggling with any major decisions? Do me a favor and leave a comment below to let me know some of your life struggles or wins that you're experiencing.

I would really love to hear what's going on in your life. Leave a comment below to let me know.


Monday, October 26, 2015

Don't Believe... Know!

The spiritual evolution of the this planet and its inhabitants is currently in a rapid state of change, a new era is being born, and we are no longer content to be believers, as sheep in a "flock". People are waking up to the knowledge that we can be masters of our own destiny, and are looking to the ancient cultures who have survived to show us the way forward.

How can we break free from our definitions, when we are bound by systems, and rules and regulations, and "normal procedures" . What escape routes are there when all we know is all we have been taught. What is there outside the world we know, and how can we find it and finally be free.

Ancient knowledge and practices from Shamanism, Wicca, Vodou, Druidism and many others are being used and adapted to our modern lives to re-connect us to the worlds of spirit. We are re-discovering that everything in our universe has energy, consciousness, vibration and a power of its own, something the ancients have always known.

By lovingly connecting ourselves to this universal energy, we can know that everything within it has its own spirit, and is connected to everything else. Deep personal transformations can occur as we align ourselves to the loving universal consciousness, giving us back the power to create our own personal spirituality, and to KNOW spirit to the very core of our being.

“I don't believe, I know.” Carl Jung.

“You are not my enemies, you are my brothers and sisters. You did not do anything to me or my people. All that happened a long time ago in the lives of our ancestors. And, at that time I might actually have been on the other side. We are all children of the Great Spirit, we all belong to Mother Earth. Our Planet is in great trouble and if we keep carrying old grudges and do not work together, we will all die.” Chief Seattle.

“There is no one who can take our place. Each of us weaves a strand in the web of creation. There is no one who can weave that strand for us. What we have to contribute is both unique and irreplaceable. What we withhold from life is lost to life. The entire world depends upon individual choices.” Duane Elgin.

Friday, October 16, 2015

10 Don’ts To Help You Complete The First Draft

  • Don’t edit while writing: editing will prevent you from moving the story forward;
  • Don’t delete anything until the first draft is finished: every sentence will fit into the story or can be used in a future draft;
  • Don’t feel pressured to commit to an initial outline or concept: your story may change once you connect to creative consciousness and disconnect from your intellect;
  • Don’t get stuck on the number of words: a story may be any length - it's all up to you;
  • Don’t rewrite anything: rewriting delays your progress;
  • Don’t be afraid to take a break when you’re out of inspiration: sometimes inspiration will find you during that break and forcing your thoughts will make the story sound mechanical ; 
  • Don’t take feedback personally: some people will get and some won't - that's seriously ok;
  • Don’t worry about character names and plots: those come as the story unfolds;
  • Don’t wait for the right time: there will never be the perfect time to start your story so just do it;
  • Don't tell the story - show it with your words: telling the story does not captivate or engage your readers; showing the story creates an emotional connection so that they read your story all the way to the end.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Interested in video blogging, but worried about the cost? Check out this article by Jeff Bullas on how to do it on a budget.

Beginners Guide on How to Video Blog on a Budget – Part One

Video is a powerful and effective way of presenting content.

Not everyone has the innate ability to write blog posts or enjoys putting pen to paper.

Finding your “online” voice could mean video blogging, or communicating through images and PowerPoint  presentations on social media....


Monday, October 5, 2015

Review: Geronimo Hotshot

Geronimo Hotshot Geronimo Hotshot by Robert Blake Whitehill
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Geronimo Hotshot is a masterful blend of sadistic villainous characters interwoven with non-stop action, wit and intrigue. Author, Robert Blake Whitehill, overloads the senses with thrilling ambushes of disturbing suspense and enigmatic genius in this complex revelation of twisted psyches politicking lethal agendas.

Simone Salmon, Author, Camille and the Bears of Beisa - Drafnel

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The Tyranny of Facebook by RAINMAKER.FM

It’s no secret that Brian Clark is not a fan of Facebook when it comes to so-called “social media marketing.” He’s even less of a fan of those who think of it as a “website substitute.”

That said, Facebook groups are popular for their apparent ease of use. But is it a good idea to build a valuable business community on someone else’s property?

Today on Unemployable with Brian Clark, Brian will tackle that issue based on a listener question.


Friday, October 2, 2015

3 Resources to Help You Draft Winning Content Ideas by STEFANIE FLAXMAN

As writers, we don’t really take breaks.

Even when we aren’t working, the creative lens through which we view the world keeps our minds active with possibilities.

And then you have to ask yourself: Should I be the one to bring a new idea to life?

To help you pursue smart content ideas, this week’s Copyblogger Collection is a series of three handpicked articles that will show you:
  • How to write content that attracts customers and clients
  • How to stand out with content that makes an impact
  • How to hook your audience through the magnetic force of fascination

Thursday, October 1, 2015

No Blog Traffic? Here’s a Simple Strategy to Seduce Readers and Win Clients - Great Copyblogger Article by Henneke Duistermaat

You sit down at your desk.

You start your computer.

You check Google Analytics and your email provider dashboard. A deep sigh escapes from your soul.

Why is your number of email subscribers still so low?

Why aren’t readers flocking to your blog?

And when will those business inquiries finally arrive?

We all know that blogging is hard work, but what should you do when your efforts don’t seem to pay off?

Should you cross your fingers and keep plugging away? Hope that your readership will snowball? Pray that business inquiries will soon flood your inbox?

You need a new blog strategy, not wishful thinking.