Monday, September 21, 2015

Destroying Young Minds

I realized yesterday that after all the years of schooling and practical experience, I know nothing. Everything I have learned is based on someone else's experience. We are taught that 1+1=2, but now we are learning that this sum may in fact equal 3. These interpretations are someone else's experience of this equation. What if my experience tells me otherwise? Does that negate the theory or do we all continue with the rationale of what has been touted as a mathematical proof in millions of textbooks for centuries. 

Status quo discourages independent thinking. Children are considered rebellious and disruptive when they become bored with the norm. They are medicated, sometimes held back a grade or placed in "special ed" classes  to subdue their natural free flowing objectivity. Whenever there is refusal to accept the entrenched academic standards the problem is never with the system, but with the person pointing out the imperfections or acting out because of the lack of interest. 

Through experiential learning I have come to realize there are other dimensions of reality. I believe this fact was known to me as a child, but the cultural route to academia interfered with my ability to explore and make use of that knowledge. The same limitations continue to dictate the genius of our youth. Creativity, innovation and intelligence are diminished capacities curtailed and marginalized in favor of institutionalized learning. The harm is obvious: there has been no true renaissance for centuries only regurgitation of established principles and intermittent speckles of brilliance throughout the disciplines. 

My son creates music. His lyrics are explicit, but I choose to see past the profanity. There is magic in his ability to put words to notes that have never been written or heard before. This is a special talent that only a few are courageous to pursue then master. What if he listened to the naysayers or those critical of the content? Think of the lasting damage to his creative expression. 

Unless we free ourselves of the insatiable egoic centers of exclusion which inexplicably imprints antiquated methodologies in youthful minds to ultimately determine their livelihood, we will continue to be deprived of incredible ingenuity outside of the current realm of possibility.  There is considerable potential beyond our five-sensory applications demanding non-traditional, innovative, evolutive constructs of expansion and cultivation which remain untapped and unexplored.

How will we commit to revolutionizing our archaic controls of education to foster enlightened approaches for thinking and learning? 

Join me in discovering the alternatives.

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